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What's YOEC

YOEC locates in Wuhan, the old city by the Yangtze River, the third longest river in the world. YOEC focus on being a famous corporation in the optical and electronic area with clients from the worldwide, which is honorable in the industry. In the end, its English name is Yangtze Optical Electronic Co., Ltd., YOEC is the short name.

Our logo makes Navy blue as the main color; the orange represents the photonic fields, which means the optoelectronic sensing and intelligent control.

Core Values

    ◆  Respect the staff, let them have dignity

    ◆  Integrity and honesty

    ◆  Work hard for life value

    ◆  Responsibility

Integrity and honesty is the basic character requirements for each YOEC people,who are working hard in their own posts. The company offers good working environment, each person can be honored and rewarded by their own work, they will be proud of being a membership of YOEC.

Strategic Objectives

YOEC is engaged in the specialty optical devices fields; aims at being one of the main suppliers providing the specialty fibers, specialty optical devices as well as relevant products in China. YOEC focus on the fiber coil industry, to take the lead in the fiber coil fields and provide full set of solutions for it.

Corporate Mission

To provide the best comprehensive solutions in specialty fiber for information and power transmission, facilitating the extensive use of optical fiber sensing and intelligent control.

Business Philosophy

Pioneering and innovative, faith service to repay the society.