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Honesty and credit; innovation, efficient execution, user-centered;
To provide the highest quality products and the most professional service;
To keep the best friendly business relationship with our customers for our mutual benefit;

Honesty and credit is the foundation of the sustainable development of the enterprise and the basic principle in communicating with customers. We advocate the corporate culture of credit and integrity, keep commitments and win the trust from customers with good faith.

Innovationis the inexhaustible source for the development of enterprise.Salesman should have keen in sight for the market, keep learning new knowledge and technology and transform the oretical knowledge into practical ability. To provide the most suitable products and solutions on the basis of deep communication in the view of customers.To focus on efficient execution and advocate that action is above all;To give quick response to each demand from customers and meet the irexpectations;

YOEC exists because of the requirements of our customers, and the repuirements guide the right direction to the steady development of YOEC. YOEC always adhere to customer-centric, aiming to provide the high-quality products and offer feasible suggestion about products and solutions according to customers’ practical application. YOEC’s service tenet is to be the most loyal friends and professional advisers with our customers and keep progress together with them for mutual benefit.