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Support Platform

YOEC has technical support group with the leading level in the optical field. YOEC has established separate technical support platforms in the specialty fiber and specialty optic cable, special tyoptic device,electromechanical equipment and photoelectric systemfields, which are led by technical experts, taking responsibility for technical support in their fields. YOEC will give quick response to you in 8 hours andprovide preliminary solutions after receiving pre-sales consultations, after-saletechnical support and complaints. If YOEC can't solve complex technical problems on the phone, YOEC will appoint professional technician to solve the problem in 48 hours on the scene. YOEC has preeminent R&D team to provide strong technical support for you.

Technical Support

Pre-sale, Post-sale Technical Support

Tel: 027-87981332

Email: supports@yoec.com.cn

Complain & Advise

Complaints and Suggestions

Tel: 027-87981252

Email: qaservice@yoec.com.cn

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